Fix and Flip

Two months before our wedding, my fiancée and I, while juggling several part time jobs and getting through my final year of seminary, bought a condo to fix and flip. We had never done something like this before. Intended to be a quick turn around, our schedule quickly backed up when the wallpaper removal left the entire unit in need of several skim coats of mud. Permitting delays, a few mistakes, our honeymoon, midterms and finals, and a couple delays with contractors pushed the sale back even further. After finishing it in late winter, we listed it for sale. After three weeks on the market, we got it under contract. That contract fell through, so we listed it again, and quickly got two more offers. The 2nd contract also weirdly fell through. We accepted the 3rd offer, and after an inspection and appraisal, finally sold the place this past month. Here are some pics tracking some of the progress.

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